Introducing conpher — The “Yelp” for Journals

3 min readNov 30, 2020


We were introduced to conpher by John Marshall, a member of conpher’s founding team. He told us where the idea for a platform with journal reviews, recommendations and author experiences came from. We’d like to share it with you in this guest blog post by conpher.

“Yelp for journals” — “what a great idea”

Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of the Lancet

As an academic, publishing articles and sharing your research with colleagues around the world should be an exciting time in your career. But too often it is highly stressful and sometimes it can be a demotivating, miserable experience.

How can we change that?

By asking advice from colleagues and peers, receiving guidance from mentors …. What about shared experiences from thousands of publishing academics from around the world?

A “Yelp” service for journals.

conpher was launched in Summer 2020 to start collecting publishing experiences and recommendations. We have presented over 20,000 journals and collected every piece of information you need to assist making an educated, informed decision on where best to publish your research. Users can search and compare related titles and read verified reviews and advice provided by their colleagues. In addition, we have analysed over 3 million articles acceptance and publication times to provide you with expectations on how long it will take.

The network of advice is growing fast — we have now received over 10,000 recommendations from publishing researchers covering all academic disciplines and representing more than 80 countries.

All data collected is displayed on a journal dashboard

Traffic light summary

Recommendations score

Acceptance and Publication times

And authors can drill down and read actual reviews and comments

It is simple to search and simple to share advice.

In fact, it takes only 90 seconds to record your article publishing experience –but that could save colleagues months of stress!

You can learn more about conpher here.




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