In addition to the 16,000 peer reviewed journals, preprints and other sources of academic research, Researcher’s users can now follow the latest research from DeepMind, Facebook, Uber and 5 other companies at the forefront of innovation in data science, tech and engineering!

Let’s start with some facts: every year, the 20 largest companies in the world spend 175 billion US dollars a year on research and development. From these figures, it emerges how important it is to develop high-quality research, both in academia and in the private sector.

Just in the latter…

Coronavirus cases currently stand at over 180,000 worldwide. Now more than ever, scientists and researchers are working together to accelerate research and inform policy to reduce this global pandemic.

The Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team in collaboration with the WHO Centre for Infectious Disease Modelling have recently released a…

In response to the COVID-19 global health pandemic, we have created this blog to deliver you credible news stories from around the world.

March 2020


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